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DealExtreme – A Great Way To Save Money

I have been shopping quite a bit on several of the overseas mega shopping sites lately.
DealExtreme is definitely one of my favorites.
There is a tremendous amount of money to save compared with our traditional big shopping sites like Amazon or eBay.

The only downside is the longer shipping time. It will obviously not work for you if you need your products tomorrow, but if you are planning ahead, the you should definitely shop with DX.com.

Most of the items comes with free shipping. That’s really great considering that the products is from Asia. Keep in mind that they of course have the shipping cost covered within the product price, so small and light items are especial beneficial to order from DX.com. Small electronic gadgets for your home are great to buy there. USB drives, computer parts, auto supplies and so on. In the health and beauty section you will find amazing deals as well. How about a pair of polarized aviator style sunglasses for $2.95 shipped free? You will not find that anywhere else. Enter the fashion section and you will find amazing deals here as well.

Here is a small sample of deals from DX.com

Only$ 10.99

Only$ 83.77

Only$ 4.69

Only$ 12.56

Only$ 7.33

Only$ 51.12

Only$ 9.16

Only$ 254.68

Only$ 121.24

Only$ 11.83

Only$ 6.4

Only$ 6.79

Only$ 23.98

Only$ 2.68

Only$ 2.99

Only$ 7.34

Only$ 4.49

Only$ 120.99

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