Can’t decide who to vote for?

A lot of peoples votes are still up in the air for the upcoming election. The medias are biased like never before. I am Republican but, I have watched the Democratic favoring CNN as my primary new source since they … Continue reading

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Shopping for a Kitchen Range Hood

My husband and I are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen and he gave me the job of searching for a new range hood.  It sounded easy enough so I jumped to the task.  After three days of searching, … Continue reading

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Everyday Gifts for Mom

If you’re like my kids, you want to cherish mom with lavish gifts throughout the year. By the time you are able to afford to buy gifts for mom on your own, instead of the help from dad, you’ll realize … Continue reading

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Stay Anonymous and Hide or Change Your IP With a VPN

UPDATE: Now you can get 3 years from NordVPN for $2.99 per month! Check it out HERE So this is not only a short review of NordVPN., which I have been extremely satisfied with, but also about my experience with … Continue reading

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Take Responsibility for Yourself

I have a pet peeve toward others blaming the government for their lack of success.  Let’s start with the so called poor uneducated youth. Yes they may be poor, but if they are uneducated then that is their own choosing.  … Continue reading

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