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Quit Smoking Now– It’s all in your mind

If you read all the way through my post here, you will be able to quit smoking right now!

What I will be writing here is proven to work. I used it when I stopped smoking and I have family and friends who also used the same approach when they quit smoking.

There are no magic or miracles involved. It’s simple and it’s all in your mind.

My uncle Dennis had been a heavy smoker for over 20 years and he was the one who told me how to go about it. He went from 60 to 0 cigarettes per day overnight. Ahead of that he tried to quit multiple times using nicotine gum and nicotine patches and it didn’t seem to have any effect on him at all. He still got the urge and cravings and was struggling with the thought about never be able to smoke again. The cravings are so powerful and when they hit you it become unbearable that you will be suffering like this many month ahead of time.

This is how most people feel and this is where you need to look at the situation differently, if you want to succeed in your personal fight for a better health without smoke.

When you first quit smoking, you will be hit hard by nicotine cravings. You will need to fight and win them one by one! Do not think about your day tomorrow or next week or next month, concentrate about the craving that is bothering you right now!

At first you will get the cravings very frequently. It will be tough, you will be tempted, but don’t give in and you will realize how your mind all of a sudden get away from the craving and get you occupied with something else. A new craving will hit you and the same will happen again. You will get a small break in between the craving and as the time go by, that break will be longer and longer. Keep fighting and resisting and you will realize that you win that extra time for each nicotine craving you are beating. It is a step-by-step process and even though it can seem so simple and maybe not a big deal when you are reading it here, once you are facing a craving and realize that’s the way it work, it will have a major effect on the way you are able to handle your whole nicotine problem.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t waste you money on gum or nicotine patches. If you do need something to help you with the cravings, I will strongly suggest this.

I used this solution when I stopped smoking and the same did Dennis. It worked much better than gum and patches and it is a great supplement to the technique mentioned in this post. It keeps the cravings smaller so they are easier to overcome.

It’s about a year since I stopped smoking and Dennis hasn’t smoked for over 4 years.

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