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Flowers and flower bouquets have their own language. We all know that a dozen of red roses is related to love and actually means “Be Mine”, but did you know that Coreopsis means “Love at first Sight” and 3 roses means “I love you”?

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By ordering flowers for delivery you can deliver all your thoughts without saying a word.
How about sending 50 just to show your unconditional love or order 10 roses to your wife to tell her that she is perfect or deliver a Hyacinth which means “I’m sorry, please forgive me” (my favorite).

The process of ordering the flowers online is really easy. Go to your favorite online flower shop. There are hundreds out there and a google search will get you started.
I have visited about 15 flower websites and checked their prices and they seem to be pretty much on the same level. I usually look around for coupons before ordering the flowers and can typically save around $10-20 on a single order of flowers.

order flowers online

Most of the flower stores work together in delivery network and will get your flowers delivered no matter where you want them delivered and no matter where you are located when you order the flowers. Many of these stores also offer same day flower delivery and if you sign up for their email service they will notify you with their specials when special days and holidays like mother’s day, fathers day, valentines day Christmas and thanks giving comes up.

For your convenience I have gathered a list of all flowers and their meaning:

Almond flowers — Hope
Anemone — Forsaken
Aster — Symbol of love
Balm — Sympathy
Basil — Best wishes
Bay leaf — “I change but in death”
Bell flower, white — Gratitude
Bergamot — Irresistible
Bluebell — Constancy
Borage — Courage
Broom — Humility
Campanula — Gratitude
Carnation, pink — I’ll never forget you
Carnation, red — My poor heart aches for you
Carnation, striped — Refusal
China rose — Beauty always new
Chrysanthemum — Love
Clover, four leaved — “Be mine”
Coreopsis — Love at first sight
Cuckoo pint — Ardor
Daffodil — Regard
Daisy — Innocence, new-born, “I share your sentiment”
Fennel — Flattery
Fern — Sincerity
Forget-Me-Not — True love
Furze or Gorse — Enduring affection
French Marigold — Jealousy
Gardenia — Ecstasy
Gentian — Loveliness
Geranium — “You are childish”
Hare bell — Grief
Heartsease — “I am always thinking of you”
Honeysuckle — Bonds of love
Heather — Admiration
Hyacinth — I am sorry, Please forgive me
Ice Plant — “Your appearance freezes me”
Ivy — Fidelity, friendship, marriage
Jasmine — Grace
Jonquil — “I hope for return of affection”
Lavender — Luck, devotion
Lemon Balm — Sympathy
Lilac — First love
Lily — Purity, modesty
Lily of the Valley — Purity, the return of happiness
Lily, Calla — Beauty
Marigold — Health, grief or despair
Marjoram — Kindness, courtesy
Myrtle — Fidelity
Oregano — Joy
Orchid — Love, beauty, refinement
Pansy — Loving thoughts
Periwinkle — Happy memory
Phlox — Agreement
Poppy, red — Consolation
Primrose — I can’t live without you
Rose, cabbage — Ambassador of love
Rose, red — Love
Rose, pink — Grace, beauty
Rose, yellow — Friendship
Rosemary — Remembrance, constancy
Rue — Contrition
Sage — Gratitude, domestic virtue
Snowdrop — Hope
Star of Bethlehem — Purity
Sweet Pea — Departure, tender memory
Sweet William — Gallantry
Tuberose — Voluptuousness
Tulip, red — My perfect lover, Reclamation of love
Violet — Loyalty, modesty, humility
Violet, blue — Faithfulness
Wormwood — Grief
Wheat — Riches of the continuation of life
Willow, weeping — Mourning
Wallflower — Fidelity
Yew — Sorrow

The Rose

The Rose is the flower whose meaning we most understand, but here are some details of the meaning of the Rose that may be of further interest.

Rose, Black – You are my obsession
Rose, Champagne – You are tender and loving
Rose, Leonidas – Sweet love
Rose, Nicole – You are graceful and elegant, aristocratic
Rose, Orange – You are my secret love
Rose, Pink – Brilliant complexion; the glow of your smile; perfect happiness
Rose, Red – Passionate love; I love you
Rose, Single Stems – Simplicity
Rose, White – I am worthy of you; spiritual love; Innocence and Purity; Secrecy and Silence
Rose, White and Red – We are inseparable
Rose, White and Red Mixed – Unity; Flower emblem of England
Rose, White, Dried – Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose, Yellow – Friendship; Jealousy; I am not worthy
Rose, Bridal – Happy Love
Rose, Dark Crimson – Mourning
Rose, Hibiscus – Delicate beauty
Rose, Tea – I’ll remember always
Rose, Thornless – Love at first sight
Roses, Bouquet of Mature Blooms – Gratitude

Multiple Roses

Single bloom red Rose – Love at first sight or I still love you
Single Rose, any color – Gratitude or simplicity
2 Roses – Mutual feelings
3 Roses – I love you
7 Roses – I’m infatuated with you
9 Roses – We’ll be together forever
10 Roses – You are perfect
11 Roses – You are my treasured one
12 Roses – Be mine
13 Roses – Friends forever
15 Roses – I’m truly sorry
20 Roses – I’m truly sincere towards you
21 Roses – I’m dedicated to you
24 Roses – Forever yours
25 Roses – Congratulations
50 Roses – Unconditional love
99 Roses – I will love you all the days of my life
108 Roses – Will you marry me?
999 Roses – I love you till the end of time

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