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Good to Know Before Playing Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most promising and breathtaking video games
around the world. This game is all about some really good moments which keep the
player interested for long periods of time. As far as the latest entrant into
the series goes, there are several minute things that count a lot. Yes you heard
it right! There are various small things in this game that probably you didn’t
know. In the article discussed below, we will tell you more about these small
things that could matter a lot in the game play.

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It doesn’t really require loading
Rockstar has previously mentioned that this game would come with a minimum
loading feature. Well, this achievement is certainly a great one and you don’t
have to wait much in order to play the game. Even though there’s a short moment
of darkness when you get wasted it hardly takes much time to get the game back
on track.

GPS goes off when you go inside a tunnel
This is another great thing that could make the game play a lot interesting.
There are a number of explosions in the set pieces and counting on the smallest
of details is a crucial thing to do. So, you must remember that the GPS system
goes off when you are inside a tunnel. There is no built-in GPS here and so you
can be rest assured that you generate some fine results on the go.

Radio Stations don’t really work everywhere
Just like the above mentioned scenario, the radio stations don’t really function
everywhere. You can easily tune in the radio stations when you reach the
specified places however you can’t really use them at every location. GTA is a
wonderful game that makes the best possible use of such high technologies.

The “car crash victim” reactions
As we all know that having an NPC react to your stupid and violent actions is
not at all new. There are several unusual screams of anger and terror and you
must keep an eye on them. The major highlight of this version of the game is
that as soon as a disgruntled driver goes down the window he raises the middle

The characters are really smart
Watching some smart characters playing the game in digital AI is something
really spectacular. It is always a great pleasure to come across some amazing
effects. There are some really smart characters who know how to ride a motorbike
and make a phone call. They even wear a helmet which is quite surprising to look

You can easily skip some missions 
Most of the people struggle to finish different missions which get really
difficult to persist with. However, now you don’t have to worry about anything
as you can easily skip some of the missions.

These are some of the most important things that you should know about this
wonderful game which will help you in playing the game in a much better way.

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