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About White Ikea Kitchens

It’s time for kitchen renovation and it will be a new kitchen from Ikea.

We love Ikea kitchens. The quality is outstanding and is backed by a 25 year warranty. It is also extremely functional with a lot of configurations for each individual cabinet. There are tons of variations for drawers, doors, cabinet heights and widths. 3 1/2 years ago we renovated our vacation condo and put in a white high gloss Ikea kitchen. Everything is still as new and everything is functioning as it did on day one.

I love the soft closing doors and drawers. You can slam them shut. They will stop and slowly close by themselves for the last inch or so.

So now we are renovating our main home and the choice of color is white. Ikea have 3 nice looking options. 1. High gloss sleek surface, which is the one we used in our condo. It’s called Ringhult and it is extremely cool looking. It is very modern looking and not quite the fit for our home. 2nd choice is Bodbyn. This is a painted MDF surface. It is a very typical design with a groove square on the front. 3rd choice are with shaker look foil MDF fronts called Grimslov. At first “foil” made me think about melamine or laminate surfaces which really is a turn off for me. After taking a closer look at it, there are no seams along the corners like you see with melamine and it looks really good. Just think of it as another alternative to a painted door. When I realized that the high gloss doors in our condo also is foil, I pretty much made up my mind. Grimslov it will be.

At this time our kitchen is gutted and ready to rebuild. We will go to Ikea later this week and buy the kitchen. I will post pictures as we go along.

Well, it’s a few days later and the kitchen is laying in my dining room in a bunch of boxes. We went to Ikea yesterday and it was a painless process. We went on a weekday morning to avoid waiting time at the kitchen design center and the delivery.

I had designed the kitchen in the Ikea kitchen planner. It takes a while to get used to, but when you first have been through the learning curve and set up your kitchen floor plan, then the value of this kitchen design software is priceless. You insert Ikea cabinets and it keep you updated with prices. It’s super easy to change things around and try different looks.

So when we went to the design center, we pulled up my design on their computer and the Ikea lady went through it to make sure everything was ok. She suggested we added a top molding to the wall cabinet. She showed us the look at the store and we decided to do that. She printed out the entire product list and gave us instructions and we paid right there. As soon as we have paid, they get notified in the warehouse and start picking the order. She gave us some coupons so we could get lunch in the cafeteria while we were waiting. We were very impressed with the service.

It took about 1.5 hour before the kitchen was ready for us. 6 flatbed carts with boxes and we were asked to verify that everything was there. That probably took another 45 minutes. Thankfully they helped us loading the van.

white ikea kicthen

New kitchen purchased from Ikea and brought home

kitchen after old kitchen is removed. Ready to rebuild

Kitchen after old kitchen is removed. Ready to rebuild


Just notices one of the boxes look like it previously had been opened. It was taped together, so we opened it up to make sure everything was in there. It was one of the base cabinets and all the front edges were chipped. DAMN! Now we have to make one more trip to Ikea to exchange.

TO be continued HERE

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