Wholesale Knives – Where to Buy Them

If you are selling on eBay and you haven’t dived into selling knives yet, you are losing out!

There is a tremendous amount of money in selling knives and when you are getting the knives from the right knife wholesaler you will be able to get a great profit. Many knives with a price on just a few dollars from the wholesaler can be sold for up to $50 or $60 online if you market the knives right.

What to look for when you buy wholesale knives

Well, first you will go to some of the main knife retailers to see what type of knives is available and what price they are sold for. Keep in mind that if they are selling these knives, then you can sell similar knives as well. So you want to make sure the knives you buy are of a good quality. I suggest you go here and place your first order for wholesale knives.
The prices from Mitech are absolutely great and the quality is top notch. Try for yourself. Place a sample order and I know you will agree. Now what you will do is find knives with a similar look and as the ones from the knife dealers previously mentioned. They should really be comparable.

wholesale knives in bulk

Cheap wholesale knife

Now check the knife pictured above. That is a stainless steel knife with rosewood handle inlays from Mitech Trading. The knife is currently being sold at only $5.91 each and as low as $4.63 if you are buying in bulk. I have seen a similar knife, I believe it was at Basspro, for $55. Even if you sell it at $45 that is a huge profit!

So what i will suggest you to do, is to order a variation of wholesale knives in your first sample order. They are cheap, so maybe order 20 different knives. Make sure to take your own pictures of the knives and list them on eBay, with a great sales copy. Don’t forget to compare them to the more expensive knives out there and sell them just a bit cheaper.
With 20 different knives you will get a good idea of what sells and which are less popular.

Good luck with your knife venture!

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