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Buy Tires Online

How can it be possible to order tires online without paying much more that you would do at your local tire shop? I looked into that and found that many of the online tire websites actually will ship the tires to your local tire shop and the tire shop will install the new tires on your vehicle.

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This means that now you can sit in front of your computer and browse the many brands and compare prices, whereas you earlier were limited to the brands carried by your local tire dealers.
Most of the tire websites have excellent purchasing guides where you start choosing your vehicle brand and choice by choice narrowing it down to your specific car and the sizes you will need for your new tires. They throughout describes the options, pro and con for the individual tire brands and types.

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Decision guide from Tirerack.com

Don’t hesitate to call the tire shop if there is anything you don’t understand. It is important you fully understand your needs and the details about the tires you are going to order. Your mistakes can be very costly in return freight of incorrect ordered tires.
Some online tire shops even offer to send a tire specialist to your home to discuss your needs with you before your make the final decision. I feel their online tire and shopping guides in most cases will be sufficient and get you the right set of tires and if you need further information, just give them a call or send them an email. They are there to help you.

If anything negative should be set about ordering tires online it would probably be the lack of the hands on experience. I prefer to see the tires in real life before making my purchase, but the fact that I have much more to choose from, and I can do it in my own slow pace, out of reach from aggressive sales people, does that I have no problems whatsoever, ordering my next set of tires online.

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