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Tour To Grand Canyon’s South Rim From Las vegas

What a great tour this was. I was reading through a lot of reviews and finally ended upp deciding for the gctour company at http://gc.tours/. I read that some of the other tour companies also promised you a show ticked if you booked with them, but reviewers wrote that you only got the ticket if you tipped what the driver asked you to tip. What a scam!!
There was no BS like that with GC tours.

They picked us up in a shuttle bus at 6:30am and brought us to the tour bus. The bus was comfortable and the driver (Walter) very informative and entertaining.

It was a long drive, but man it was worth it. When we entered the bus there was a breakfast package and a water or juice bottle waiting for us. That was great. On to Grand Canyon they first stopped at the Hoover Dam so we could take pictures.

hoover dam

We stopped at the Hover Dam for picture taking

After that we continued into Arizona and stopped again at a small city called Kingman. There they supplied us with a nice lunch package as well.

gc tours las vegas bus

GC Tours operated by Sweetours

We ended up at the Grand Canyon South Rim where the bus driver offered to take us about 2.5 miles away from the meeting point. We would then walk along the Grand canyon on a trail the 2.5 miles back to the bus. I am so happy we did that. What an experience! What a view!

gctours las vegas to grand canyon

Stunning view from the south rim of Grand canyon

grand canyon south rim view

Another awesome view over Grand Canyon

We had only one stop on the way home. We arrived at the hotel around 10:00pm, so as mentioned before, it was a very long day, but really highly recommended tour to take if you ever go to Las Vegas

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