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Carnival cruise line vs. Royal Caribbean cruise line

Caribbean cruise liners offer great means of luxury to all the tourists who might wish to align with it. In fact the Caribbean recesses are great enough to instill a sense of calm and beauty.

Royal Caribbean cruises and Carnival cruises are two of the best cruises on offer. They are mostly equal in what they offer. The excursions, accommodation, food and facilities are generally spread along the same lines but with a little more scrutiny their distinction might dawn on us.

The square footage and the associated area are similar for outside view staterooms. Even the set up of beds, room accessories, vanities and other room facilities are more or less identical. Having said this, there are marked distinctions as well. Now Carnival cruise offers alternate movies screened round the clock; this is missing in Royal Caribbean. But the later has hairdryers in each stateroom. This is not present in the former. Though this may not seem too much but hair dryers are a must when it comes to trading in sea water.

Royal Caribbean’s top ocean liner is Monarch. It matches quite well against Inspiration, which is the top draw for Carnival. Monarch gives an impression of being far more spacious. It amply creates the illusion of space as tangible difference between the two ships is miniscule. Moreover, Monarch verily holds 700 passengers in excess of what Inspiration can hold. It is also more stable with 700 tons of extra weight being shoved into its framework.

Inspiration gives a feeling of claustrophobia while Monarch has broader desks that enable the usage of lounge chairs compatible with being placed on the port or the starboard side. But as we can make out, Monarch despite having things more favorably placed also has a drawback. This roots out of a higher passenger list. Greater number of passenger means greater wait for each possible thing; be it playing in the casino or going to the health spa.

When it comes to facilities on the liner, Inspiration matches the monarch rather well. It has three pools where the Monarch has only two. Royal Caribbean’s monarch provides the facility for slide pool but with a passenger list never giving signs of weakening and only six and a half hours of access, it seems that the amenities end up being only a show. This is also true for the rock climbing adventure that the Monarch offers.

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