Stay Anonymous and Hide or Change Your IP With a VPN

Since you are reading this post now, then chances are that you have asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • Can the owner of the wifi I am connected to see what I am doing?
  • Can the coffee shop or my hotel see what sites I am visiting?
  • Can my internet provider spy on me?

The answer to above questions is YES, unless you have a VPN.

You may also have wondered:

  • Can I change or hide my IP address?
  • Is torrenting safe?

The answer to these questions is NO, unless you have a VPN.

So How is the VPN Keeping Your Connection Anonymous?


vpn connection diagram

You download the software from a VPN provider.

I use a VPN called the Hotspot Shield. It’s a well known company and their VPN service is relaible, fast and it priced at the lower end of the scale. It’s very affordable. You may be able to find another VPN where you can save a few bucks, but beware that many of the services out there are horrible slow. With Hotspot Shield you are getting the best deal from one of the best providers out there.

Install the software on your phone, PC, laptop, notepad or any other device. After that your internet connection goes through the VPN and on to the website you are visiting.

The connection between your device and VPN is encrypted and your browsing information is not accessible to anyone. From the VPN to the website, your connection will appear with the IP address you have chosen to use on the VPN. It can be from your own or another country, or from another location in your country. That will be your choice.

The whole VPN connection is switched on or off with a single click.

This was just a short VPN write-up, but I hope I was able to help you out a bit. Stay safe, anonymous and secure out there, and I hope you will comment below with your own VPN experience!

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