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Cloud Storage Safety

Many a times we all must have heard about the sentimentality and importance of the cloud storage. How this latest technology has impacted our lives is a big question. No matter from which walk of life you belong, the usage of cloud storage is inevitable for digital users all around the globe. Now this is very important fact and has to be known by every digital user around the globe.

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In past, when there used to be floppy drives and external hard drives, data storage used to be quite a big issue. Not only this limitation posed as a hurdle but also there always remained a constant fear that they could get corrupted that would result in data loss. Clouds storage has bestowed on us countless benefits and they have made our lives convenient to a new level. No matter from part of world you belong or in which profession you are, online storage is the way to go for added security.

Let us briefly discuss what cloud storage is about. Basically, online storage is the storage of our sacred most data in virtual server farms online and because of this reality; it is called storing in the clouds. Its benefits are derived from the fact that it is intangible in nature. First, because of its intangibility it can be accessed from literally anywhere and everywhere around the globe. Also for businessmen and professionals they can not only access their data anytime but also carrying files and folders has become much easier. For instance, when we used to store our bits and bytes in USB flash drives and hard drives, there always used to be a great chance that they might get lost or it may fall in the malicious hands of some cyber hackers.

When all is said and done, despite all of the merits of this form of storage, the recent data leak incidents pertaining to online storage have left a big question mark on the overall credibility and reliability of this storage medium. The recent photo leak incident of top Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and the latest Dropbox hack has left a trail of wreckage in their path. And due to these very circumstances, digital users feel like they cannot trust it again. Also the very idea that you confidential and highly precious documents and photos are stored somewhere up there in virtual farms only protected by their passwords.

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All this discussion has led to the discussion that cloud storage is not safe anymore and that we should stop trusting this storage medium from now. But the one question that we ought to ask ourselves that is it really worth the sacrifice? When selecting cloud storage provider it is essential and mandatory to choose a provider that has better track record (if not perfect) in securing files, has user friendly interface that does not complicate procedures and make it difficult for less internet savvy persons to understand it. Last but not least, the secure online storage provider must also offer encrypted cloud storage backup meaning that it must first encrypt your files with 256 Bit AES algorithms then upload your personal files in your customized cloud storage account.

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