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Amazon Products – How Weird Can it Be?

Yes, just how weird can it be when you shop on Amazon.com? You will be surprised! I spent my morning looking around to see just how strange products I was able to come up with. Most of them are completely useless, but actually pretty funny. I wish I could see just how many items have been sold of each.

Ok, here we go:

The Weirdest Products on Amazon

First we definitely need a pound of muscle replica, right?

Yeah, what every person need. WEIRD!!

Next ones are for all the guys out there who need a self confidence boost:


Guys, just stick this one up under your t-shirt and you are good to go!

Can it be weirder? YES! Read on..

Why don’t you go and buy some authentic alienated dirt? 


Authentic soil from the 1947 UFA crash site. LMAO… Here’s is a business suggestion for you. Visit famous places around the world, bring home some dirt and put it up for sale on Amazon. Or even easier, just take some dirt from your backyard and label it with whatever you think will create an interest. 🙂

Last but definitely not least… drum roll please…


Good ol’ fashion Unicorn Meat! Highly recommended! There’s nothing like it.

Ok, that was enough weirdness for today. Go to amazon.com and explore for yourself. Let me know in the comment section below if you find more strange stuff on amazon.

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