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Aliexpress Shopping – WOW!

If you have never shopped on aliexpress.com, then it’s time for you to go there NOW!

I was searching for sunglasses on google and there it popped up. Turns out that you can buy really cool looking sunglasses direct from China for as little as $0.95! This INCLUDES SHIPPING COST from China. No, it’s not a cheap, weird looking pair of sunglasses. The ones I bought for $1.20 was aviator style with greenish mirror lenses.

Turns out that it’s not only sunglasses you can get for these low prices. You can get everything! It’s like a giant Amazon/Walmart with ridiculous low prices. There is only one downfall and that the delivery time. Obviously free shipping from China wont be overnight, so expect delivery time to be 2 to 8 weeks. At these low prices it’s not an issue for me, and I bet it wont be for you either.

Aliexpress has seller reviews just like eBay, and they have product reviews made by customers. Delivery time is listed for each product.

Here is a link to their bestsellers and a few random product links.

Pay especially attention to the great deals in the Auto Supply Category and the low prices in the Dollar Deals Section!

Featured deals:

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Only $162
Only $490
Only $258
Only $162
Only $523.6

Only $299

Only $439.2
Only $45
Only $53.9
Only $434.5
Only $469

Only $118

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