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MES 40 Smoker Review – Masterbuilt 40 inch [bad]

Ok, I am finally upset enough to come here and post a review about my MES 40 Smoker. That’s kind of a nickname it has gotten over the years. It should really have been “piece of crap”. The smoker I … Continue reading

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Best New York Strip Roast Ever – Slow Cooked

I use this New York Strip Roast recipe on all beef roasts and the result is always excellent. There are two reasons why this recipe is so great. First of all, the low/slow method of cooking makes the roast so … Continue reading

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Buying the Best BBQ Grill

It has been discussed for years. Which is better, a gas grill or a charcoal grill? Is it really a question about taste vs. convenience and what about the cost? For years I was a die-hard charcoal user and my … Continue reading

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