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Best New York Strip Roast Ever – Slow Cooked

I use this New York Strip Roast recipe on all beef roasts and the result is always excellent. There are two reasons why this recipe is so great. First of all, the low/slow method of cooking makes the roast so … Continue reading

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Key West Neighborhoods – Finding Your Way Around

New Town, Old Town, Meadows and so on.. You probably heard about those Key West Neighborhoods. Here is a description of each area and I have made a Key West Neighborhood map as well, so you can visualize the specific … Continue reading

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[SOLVED] My Nexus 5X Reboots Randomly

My Nexus 5X was randomly restarting when I first got it and at first I thought it was an issue with the actual phone. Turns out that it was not and this can be caused by a couple of different … Continue reading

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Nexus 5x Review. I love it!

So it was time to update our¬†ancient HTC Desire cell phones and at this time I didn’t even know about the Nexus 5X. Our current cell phones had just become way to sluggish and the camera had always sucked. It … Continue reading

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Cruises Aren’t That Cheap Anymore. Or Are They?

Just few years ago it was easy to find 3 and 4 day cheap cruises in the range of $100 – $150 and 7 day cruises around $350. Not anymore. well, you can be lucky to find a 7 day … Continue reading

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